Franco Perego


Artist’s Statement.

I work with glass sculptures.

My main material is glass, I have been working with glass for many years. I work the glass hot, melting it using a furnace. Having finished the glass, I work other materials with which I finish the glass sculpture.
Sometimes I use iron or stone or wood.
Glass has unique physical qualities, it is a material obtained from the solidification of a liquid, for which the glass is an amorphous solid.
Glass can truly be a border between what exists and what does not exist.
Creating artistic sculptures with glass allows me to create a kind of balance between the object I created and what it should represent.
The change of a liquid ephemeral substance into a robust physical form and vice versa is very much in the nature of glass.

My Work.

Glass Sculptures

contemporary glass sculpture

Casting glass sculpture

contemporary glass sculpture

Glass and stone sculpture

contemporary glass sculpture

Glass and stone sculpture

contemporary glass sculpture

Glass and iron sculpture

Sculptures in detail

Single piece

Each work is a unique piece that cannot be replicated.


Each work is made entirely by hand.


I work with glass, if needed I use tin solder, stone iron or cement if it is needed to complete the work.


I create the structures to present my works with the iron and the welder.

contemporary glass sculpture