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I work with glass sculpture My main material is glass, mainly because I have been working with glass for many years. I work the hot glass, melting it with a furnace, then I finish the work by smoothing and working it with grinding wheels, then polishing it hot in the oven. Subsequently I work other materials with which I finish the glass sculpture, above all I use iron or stone, but also wood.
Glass has unique physical qualities, it is a material obtained from the solidification of a liquid, for which the glass is an amorphous solid. Glass can really be a border between what exists and what does not exist because it is hard but it is fragile, it is heavy but transparent. In short, it is an existing contradiction. The creation of artistic sculptures with glass allows me to create a sort of balance between the object I created and what it should represent. The change of a liquid ephemeral substance into a robust physical form and vice versa is very much in the nature of glass.