How to create a glass sculpture

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Create a glass sculpture

I create glass sculpture using above all glass in addition to other materials. A sculpture starts from an idea, a shape, a combination of colors, a concept, anything that stimulates my creativity.
When the concept is clear I move on to the design of the sculpture as it should be once it is finished.
From the sketch I begin to work with the molds in which to pour the hot glass to preserve the desired shapes and thickness. Once you have chosen the process and the colors, I base the materials in an oven. When the glass has cooled down (12 hours later) I can see the sketch of my glass sculpture.
The next step is cold removal with diamond wheels and then the second step in the oven. After the second step I work my cold sculpture up to the desired shape and processing. Hot polishing of the almost finished sculpture follows. Last step create media.

contemporary glass sculpture